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More excuses


Sorry sorry sorry – I know I was supposed to be writing more but life managed to get in the way again

Long story short (and there is quite a long story but more on that another time) just before Christmas I stumbled over the opportunity to switch to a slightly different job for […]

Return to work diaries – day 2


On the plus side this time at least the trains decided to work…

On the negative side Littlest, whilst really pleased I came home, was super unhappy to have been left again and made sure I knew it ALL night.  Yes it was lovely that whenever he heard my voice in his sleep he […]

Ponderings on maternity leave


When I took maternity leave with both the girls it was very clear cut that I would not be taking a moment more than 26 weeks in total.  If you take 26 weeks or less you get your own job back, if you take a second more they can give you an ‘equivalent’ job […]

Hormones are wonderful things


Ok when I say that hormones are wonderful things that is what I am feeling this exact minute, naturally I completely retain the right to burst into tears, throw some crockery and declare they are my worst enemy in about 5 minutes…

But here and now they seem to be pretty clever little devils


A cake solution to working mum angst


Nothing says working mum conflict like a child’s birthday

It brings to a head those insecurities which don’t really matter in day to day life and seems to create a complete inability to think like a rational adult, or may that is just me

Past birthdays have seen me getting home from work at […]

Time to erase one of the parenting battlelines?


Working mothers please raise a glass to Professor Heather Joshi – this lady has spent the last few years researching whether working mothers are the root of all evil and has concluded that actually our children don’t suffer intellectually or emotionally because we work

I’m not sure that this will stop the Daily Mail […]

Do we need to redefine success and having it all?


I look around at my colleagues and friends and see a bunch of people struggling with continuous tiredness and huge amounts of stress – almost everyone is shattered and hasn’t seen enough of their family and friends and almost all feel torn between the increased demands of work and the emotional demands of their […]

Is the grass always greener on the other side?


I do wonder if part of the working mother / stay at home mother angst has to do with either side thinking that the other has a better time of motherhood

As a working mum is rushing around feeling dragged in hundreds of directions, isolated from their child’s life and not managing to give […]

Petition for an extra hour in the day


To whoever is in charge of time and space and all that sort of stuff,


We the undersigned are petitioning for the creation of an extra hour in the day

Please note that this hour is only to be created AFTER the children have gone to bed (and stayed in their bed) we […]

Trying to build some boundaries


Honestly you step away from the computer for 5 minutes and the next thing you know it’s been over a week since you last blogged…


I have been doing a bit of thinking whilst I’ve been away and realised that one of the reasons I am feeling so overwhelmed by work is that […]

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