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Bereft (or the night that Littlest slept a bit)


This is really strange but tonight Littlest has gone to sleep on his own in his own bed

It is fair to say that this is the FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED in the 2 years he has been around

Normal bedtime involves a bunch of singing, cuddling, nursing and a lot of long […]

Fake it until you can make it?


Ah the heady delights of another Monday having rolled around and the prospect of another week at work to look forward to

Another week of commuting and the realisation that you need to be at the top of your game to get a seat these days – getting slightly the wrong patch on the […]

Why is sleep seen as such a measure of parenting success?


If I was given a pound for every time someone has asked ‘does he sleep well?’ or similar questions since Littlest was born I’d be able to stay off work for another six months (possibly…)

Everyone, including random strangers in the supermarket, is obsessed with how he sleeps

Plain and simply he sleeps like […]

The one parenting thing I have done right


I’ll be the first to admit that we have sort of meandered through this whole parenting lark

In fact if you look back we have had patches of being really quite useless at it

It started early – turned out that I had been pregnant with Bigger for a month longer than I had […]

Bed swapping


Ok so we have had various bugs, I’ve worked far too many hours and Mr Muddling is turning the house upside down with various improvement projects but things are now going crazy here


Tonight we are sleeping as follows


Littler not in the bottom bunk in the girls’ room but back in […]

Operation Big Girl Bed


Things you do not want to hear as a working Mummy when your project has just tripped into crisis mode ‘oh we’re going to try Littler in a big bed tonight’…


The only rational response is noooooooooooooooooooooooooo and to sit under your desk wondering if you can sneak out of the office for […]

Is it time for us to start trusting our parenting instincts?


Walk into any bookshop, have a browse around Amazon or a quick search on the internet and you’ll find a long queue of people ready and willing to tell you the correct way to raise your child.  They can solve any ‘problem’ in a week and each has their own set of rules and […]

The Friday Rant Club – can we stop all the winter sniffles?




Nearly didn’t post at all today – am just so incredibly, bone achingly tired.


Thanks to a selection of sick bugs and sniffles sleep has been in short order Chez Muddling for the last 10 days.


If it isn’t one, it’s the other. Even if one if ok, invariably the […]

Longterm sleep deprivation – why did nobody warn us?


It’s one of those things that they ought to warn you about before you start on the business of trying to have children.  When you stop using contraception you should be issued with a notice that warns you of the rather unfortunate side effects that may follow – the bomb blast that small children […]



I’ve tried to write several versions of this but have given up – the words don’t seem to be flowing properly

I’m poorly – turns out the cystitis developed into a kidney infection.  Not a bad one but still enough to merit a round of antibiotics and ideally a day in bed. 

Except I’m […]

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