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The extra hour when you should be asleep…


…but instead you are sat up, achieving not actually a lot but just enjoying the fact that the last hour of the day is the only time when there aren’t other demands on you

Actually that’s not technically true – I’m sat here tying raffia ribbons (actually is it a ribbon or just twine […]

More excuses


Sorry sorry sorry – I know I was supposed to be writing more but life managed to get in the way again

Long story short (and there is quite a long story but more on that another time) just before Christmas I stumbled over the opportunity to switch to a slightly different job for […]

Reclaiming the right to be proud


This time last year I decided to take back some control of my life and to try and drag myself out of the rut (in reality it was more of a chasm) that I had fallen in.  The trigger was my best friend turning to me and offering to pay for some coaching because […]

Who else wants an end to the judge-y pants?


Parents – can we just accept we are all in this together?

Admittedly nobody has made me the boss of the universe and obviously this is a massive oversight but there you are but if there were to have made me the boss of the universe this is one of the first things I’d […]

How do you know what you want to be when you grow up?


I don’t know if I’m unusual but, as a child, I never really dreamed of what I would be when I grew up – I knew that I would have to work hard, go to university and get a job and other than that I didn’t have the ambition to be an astronaut or […]

Is it sexism? Or is it just life?


When I joined my current team nearly five years ago we had five females. Today there’s just me. Last Woman Standing or something

But is that attrition just a fact of life or is it due to something more sinister?  Is the gradual erosion of women in our business due to sexism?

Looking back […]

Does hashtag activism achieve anything?


Over the past few months there seems to have been an upsurge of campaigns which involve various people, from the bog standard bod in the street to a bunch of vaguely familiar celebrities, taking pictures of themselves holding up a piece of paper with a hashtag on it




But what does […]

3 feels just about perfect


Looking back to this time last year, our life seems totally transformed

I don’t want to attribute too much to the chubby bundle of smiles bouncing in his chair next to me and grinning at me each time we make eye contact but the fact remains that, despite all the external noise and horribleness, […]

Case closed…


The last six weeks have been rather difficult – that is to say in places absolutely gut churningly terrible and unremittingly awful but the good news is that things are, in some respects, now starting to look up

I can’t go into all the details because not everything has played out yet but I […]

When the bottom falls out of your world


Some of this is going to be rather cryptic since there are things going on that I cannot blog about at the moment (if you know me in real life drop me a line and I can share some of the details)

Suffice to say that there was a point last week when I […]

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