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Time to treat parents as adults when we talk about bed sharing?


I read an article this morning where yet another mother admitted that she had been able to speak frankly to her health visitor and GP about the realities of her and specifically that she was bed sharing with her baby. It turns out that half of parents who bed share have lied to their […]

Can we stop with the politics of division?


I’m not sure if someone somewhere has realised that parents have the potential to be a powerful force and therefore the best way to stop us joining together and turning up at the gates of power wielding pitchforks and burning torches is to ensure that we are divided

Either way it feels to me […]

Parents shouldn’t have to rely on childcare stuck together with sticky tape

Bloggers meet minister Elizabeth Truss to debate proposed childcare changes


It struck me that childcare in the UK is rather like the making things part of a Blue Peter episode

You are shown the ideal of childcare that works perfectly, is flexible, affordable and child focused – you then try and re-create this perfect creation in the safety of your own home only to discover […]

Breaking news – parents are fallible


Ok this may be because I’m overworked, underappreciated and generally grumpy but is it really news that the Cameron’s accidentally mislaid one of their children for 15 minutes?

Ok so I’ve never left one of mine behind so far (crosses fingers, touches wood) but that’s only because it’s one of those parenting things I […]

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