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Splat the rat (or the reality of life with 3 children)


I love our life – I love the chaos, the noise, the sheer full-on-ness (is that a word?) of our family – but oh my is the step up from two children to three children something else

One of my university friends congratulated me on the arrival of number 3 and warned me that […]

Do the ‘Mummy wars’ really exist?


It seems as if every month you can read articles splattered over the press identifying one group or another of parents that are at loggerheads

Ignoring the fact that the ONLY split in parenting is between those who got a good night’s sleep last night and those who didn’t (for whatever reason and for […]

Who else wants an end to the judge-y pants?


Parents – can we just accept we are all in this together?

Admittedly nobody has made me the boss of the universe and obviously this is a massive oversight but there you are but if there were to have made me the boss of the universe this is one of the first things I’d […]

How I lost my voice & how I’m reclaiming it


At the start of 2014 it was a year full of possibility and looking to be a great year – the reality was very different, 2014 was the hardest year I have lived through and there were times when I wasn’t sure I would make it through.  I struggled to blog last year – I […]

In which I realise that I’m known as boob


Littlest is doing all those great things that 10, nearly 11, month olds do –he’s discovered how to move and is scuttling around the place doing his 3 limbed sort of a commando crawl, he’s happily feeding himself and delighted to sit with us at the table, he’s fascinated with anything that is […]

Life feels as if it is on fast forward


One minute ago I had only 1 tiny baby, now I have 3 children and none of them is a tiny baby anymore

Suddenly, almost without my noticing, time has zipped away and taken with it moments that I wish I could somehow have banked to have in 10 / 20 / 30 years


Overly anxious?


I’m fairly certain that you are supposed to be super relaxed and laid back with a third baby – you’ve been there, done it and this time around you know that babies have cleverly evolved to survive (why else would their cries be like scratching nails down a blackboard?) and childhood amnesia means your […]

Ponderings on maternity leave


When I took maternity leave with both the girls it was very clear cut that I would not be taking a moment more than 26 weeks in total.  If you take 26 weeks or less you get your own job back, if you take a second more they can give you an ‘equivalent’ job […]

Is there any form of mothering that society approves of?


A read around the press seems to suggest that society views stay-at-home mothers are bad creatures who should be back in the workplace creating GDP along with the rest of the worker bees but at the same time society is beating up working mothers for not being there for the developmentally important years and putting […]

A cake solution to working mum angst


Nothing says working mum conflict like a child’s birthday

It brings to a head those insecurities which don’t really matter in day to day life and seems to create a complete inability to think like a rational adult, or may that is just me

Past birthdays have seen me getting home from work at […]

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