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Do the ‘Mummy wars’ really exist?


It seems as if every month you can read articles splattered over the press identifying one group or another of parents that are at loggerheads

Ignoring the fact that the ONLY split in parenting is between those who got a good night’s sleep last night and those who didn’t (for whatever reason and for […]

Is your choice to stay at home hurting my career?


I hate the term Mummy Wars – I hate the idea that we can’t just be supportive of our decisions and move on.  I hate the idea that we are supposed to be on different sides rather than all doing our best as parents.  Life is too short etc etc


Unfortunately recent research […]

There isn’t one perfect way to do things


Whether you bottle feed or breastfeed doesn’t matter to me, I know you made the choice you did based in love for your child

Whether you co-sleep or sleep train doesn’t matter to me, I know we all do the best we can to try and raise children whilst struggling through the sleep deprivation […]

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