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>Modern proverbs – your perception of rest changes dramatically when you have children


>I’m not quite sure when this happened but my perception of what constitutes a decent lie in has been dramatically changed.

Back in the days before children a decent lie in was until somewhere around lunchtime, with possibly a gentle potter around the house in PJs for a while and a mooch on […]

>Modern proverbs – having children completely changes your experience of Christmas


>I’ve always mentally rolled my eyes when people have told me that having children will change Christmas for the better.

To be honest, I didn’t believe them – I’ve seen harassed parents trying to keep some semblance of orderly present unwrapping, calm down children overwrought on a combination of too many E numbers, […]

>Modern proverbs – when it all seems to be going well, things start to go wrong


>Blah! Isn’t it typical, you think life is looking up and then … bam! Suddenly things start to go wrong again. You think that you deserve a break and karma decides to give you a quick kick in the shins.

I had thought that we had paid our karmic price this last year. Come […]

>Modern proverbs – children are great biological weapons


>How do they do it?

You take a perfectly simple sniffle or cold that in the adult world would pass by without too much hassle but let the small people at it and suddenly the nice little bug has been transformed into a killer cold that takes forever to get rid of, leaves […]

>Modern proverbs – its not multi tasking its just being a Mum


>Oh blimey there are some things that you never realise that you can do before you become a Mum but that you suddenly find yourself doing – the other day I found myself breastfeeding Babygirl whilst reading to Toddlergirl whilst peeling potatoes for lunch … not one, not two but three things at once


>Modern proverbs – with two children two hands are not enough


>Ah the things they don’t tell you before you decide to double your number of offspring…

it is actually possible to cuddle one irate toddler at bedtime whilst breastfeeding the baby and you can sit there feeling rather complacent at how you’re managing ok. What they forget to tell you is that two sleeping […]

>Modern proverbs – you really do forget that labour hurts


>Yup, the mind can play cruel tricks on you and make you think that actually labour wasn’t all that bad and you’ll be ok next time.

I’d just like to mention that it hurts … a lot … and I’d like you all to remind me of that in about 6 months time when […]

>Modern proverbs – working mother bashing is a national sport



That irrespective of the fact that most children have two parents when the media get hold of any report suggesting that today’s children are fat / illiterate / rude / [fill in own blank] that this is put firmly at the door of the working mother not the working father. Why, why why? […]

>Modern proverbs – there does come a point when you are ready to have the baby


>When people say you need to be REALLY fed up for the baby to come; they don’t mean a bit bored, a bit grumpy, a bit uncomfortable.

Oh no, what they mean is that you need to have The Rage (as in total, irrational red mist over the smallest things – yes the advertising […]

>Modern proverbs – a man cooking needs twice as long as twice as much equipment as a woman


>Don’t get me wrong, I love it when Mr Muddling cooks for me.

However, what I don’t understand is how when he cooks an identical meal (let’s take a bog standard pasta bake as our example) it takes him twice as long to execute than when I do it (yup, nearly an hour to […]

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