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Bereft (or the night that Littlest slept a bit)


This is really strange but tonight Littlest has gone to sleep on his own in his own bed

It is fair to say that this is the FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED in the 2 years he has been around

Normal bedtime involves a bunch of singing, cuddling, nursing and a lot of long […]

Happy 2nd birthday Littlest


I really can’t believe that 2 years have already gone by – it feels as if they’ve passed in a flash

He gave us the best Christmas present EVER by taking his first steps – it may not look like most toddler walking but to me it is the most beautiful thing.  He has […]

To D or not to D


Strangely, because I have seen the MRI and I have seen what is going on under Littlest’s skin, there’s still a teeny tiny part of me that thinks that next time we see a medic of some form they will turn around and ask why we are making all the fuss about something that […]

More than just skin deep


Sometime last year N mentioned that he thought that we were being walked up a curve by the various medical people involved in Littlest’s care and that they were rationing the bad news so we didn’t get it all at once – that they would just gently lead us to a place in small […]

Opening Pandora’s box


Tomorrow is a strange day – tomorrow Littlest is going into hospital to have his first MRI

Part of me is desperate for us to have this scan and to find out exactly what is going on under the skin – to get a better idea of what is going on, to perhaps have […]

Littlest at 18 months


It is really strange how it feels both that Littlest has been here forever and as if the last 18 months have disappeared in a flash but here we are a year and a half on from his arrival

Over the last few months he has suddenly grown up and become a little boy […]

My breasts aren’t judging you


Apparently by posting breastfeeding pictures I have been judging those parents who aren’t breastfeeding – really?

My breasts can do several things but can they really judge you?

Are pictures of my saggy boobs and my chubby little boy that powerful?

Do they really leap out there into the cyber-world and shout abuse at […]

Yes he does have a lovely personality…


One of the things on my to do list is to find a way to be able to settle on a few phrases to quickly explain what is going on with Littlest – I either brush things off with ‘oh he has a bit of a thing with his leg’ or jump into ‘he […]

Niggling constant worry


Today is 1 year since we got Littlest’s diagnosis – I cannot believe that it has been a whole year of learning to live with his challenges and the constant worry about him

I’m trying hard to be mindful this year – to live in the moment and not be caught up by fears […]

In which I realise that I’m known as boob


Littlest is doing all those great things that 10, nearly 11, month olds do –he’s discovered how to move and is scuttling around the place doing his 3 limbed sort of a commando crawl, he’s happily feeding himself and delighted to sit with us at the table, he’s fascinated with anything that is […]

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