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5 lovely things – the one where we are still waiting for Spring

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Hello!  It’s Friday elevenses time and here’s a 5 lovely things I’ve tripped over on my journeys around the internet this last week

Grab a cuppa and get stuck in!


One to read

I’ve just discovered Daddy and Harry books (am I the last to know about these guys?) – not […]

5 lovely things – back by popular demand

5 lovely little things badge by Muddling Along


Some time ago I used to post up a few links that I’d tripped over on my travels around the internet on a Friday at coffee break time and called it 5 lovely things – I sort of fell out of doing it but one of my lovely blogging friends (Hi Denise!) asked […]

Do you get the feeling someone is watching you?


I’ve had a funny feeling recently as I’ve pottered around the internet. 

Adverts around the edges of pages I’m viewing seem a little, well, familiar.

A lampshade I’m sure I looked at yesterday, a pair of boots I clicked through to have a look at from an email, something I bought online…

It’s almost […]

Do people overestimate the anonymity of the internet?


Sometimes the internet world is a great place – supportive, welcoming, informative and fun.  Sometimes the internet world is a horrid place and I question why I am getting involved in it and with the people that inhabit it.

Years ago I was a member of an internet forum and it was great – […]

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