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How to combat the myth of having it all?


Another day, another attempt to try and find some way to balance it all

Talking to one of my friends it seems that we are all running frantically to try and keep up with ourselves.  She asked how on earth is she supposed to have it all?

How was she supposed to work, manage […]

Having it all means learning to fail


I find it strange when people call me a wonder woman or say I have it all – I guess that looking in on our lives from the outside you could be mistaken from thinking I’m managing to juggle family and work and to have it all

Being brutally honest that’s an illusion

I […]

Do we need to redefine success and having it all?


I look around at my colleagues and friends and see a bunch of people struggling with continuous tiredness and huge amounts of stress – almost everyone is shattered and hasn’t seen enough of their family and friends and almost all feel torn between the increased demands of work and the emotional demands of their […]

What is this ‘all’ and do I really want to have it?


This post has been burbling away at the back of my mind for a while – it started when I was asked to be part of a discussion with Lucy Campbell at BritmumsLive around whether you can have it all and the posts that have come out of that session have poked and prodded […]

Get off your high horse & stop judging me


 I wasn’t going to write this but a couple of days on and I am still cross;  make that very cross. 

I realise that to the person in question it’s just a fly away comment.  Something quickly tapped out on a keyboard and not thought about again.  Despite that it remains there in black […]

Can women succeed in business without being a bitch?


 I had thought that the whole having to pretend to be a man to get ahead in a male world thing was old hat, gone, over. 

Trouble is that looking around at the generation of women ahead of me, the women that I should be looking at as role models, it seems that the […]

Flexible working request – the sound of silence


Do you hear that?


That quiet, that nothing?


Yup, that’s what I’m hearing too (ok this is illustrative, undoubtedly at the moment I am dealing with two small girls bouncing around the sitting room in the holiday home we’re staying in but hey, stay with me…)


Today is 28 days since […]

The Friday Rant Club – pack up your troubles?


Ah summer holidays, a relaxing time away to recharge the batteries and spend quality time together as a family.

In theory.

Except the actual process of going away on holiday is usually anything but fun.

In fact, Chez Muddling its probably the trigger for the biggest falling out of the year.

You see for […]

Another day, another load of judgemental tripe


There are times when I wonder whether the vitriol that journalists reserve for ‘Mummy bloggers’ has its roots in fear rather than a genuine concern about our behaviours.  Afterall, Rachel Johnson reckons she lost 12 columns to the onslaught of the mummy bloggers rather than, say, the fact that people may not have wanted […]

The Friday Rant Club – enough with the mummification


Its funny how you never hear about working Dads – its assumed that Dads work. 

Funny how you rarely hear blogging fathers grouped together as Dad Bloggers. 

Funny how men aren’t defined by their ability to have procreated but women are.

If a ‘working Dad’ takes his child to school he is applauded and […]

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