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Time off for good behaviour?



We’re back from a long weekend away – a few days off from the daily grind and some time together as a family

We’ve watched plenty of rugby, spent time on stomps around the headland and lots and lots of time on the motorway there and back

The sun shone, the views were […]

Happy half term


Ours has been about Wales, windy storms, walks, crochet, cuddles and long lunches – hope you’ve had a good one too


Dolly hair rescue, tasty treats and snuggly afternoons


Can’t believe that half term is over already – Bigger being Bigger leapt out of bed this morning determined to get into her uniform and off to school IMMEDIATELY.  Littler being Littler had to be extracted from under her duvet 20 minutes later with a crowbar – should I worry that she has started […]

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