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How to combat the myth of having it all?


Another day, another attempt to try and find some way to balance it all

Talking to one of my friends it seems that we are all running frantically to try and keep up with ourselves.  She asked how on earth is she supposed to have it all?

How was she supposed to work, manage […]

3 feels just about perfect


Looking back to this time last year, our life seems totally transformed

I don’t want to attribute too much to the chubby bundle of smiles bouncing in his chair next to me and grinning at me each time we make eye contact but the fact remains that, despite all the external noise and horribleness, […]



It is funny that when we were going through all the troubles when I was pregnant with Littler we felt very alone – isolated in the tunnel of ‘will we get through this ok’

It is only recently that I’ve realised that the ripples from what we were going through extended a long way […]

Time happily spent offline


Sorry I haven’t been around much – we had a bit of a holiday over Easter and I tried to escape work for a bit, tried being the key word since I ended up in London at meetings on Thursday and spent Friday trying to juggle life with a paper that suddenly needed submitting […]



Actually that isn’t quite the right word – hang on a second whilst I check a thesaurus – it is scared but with dread and worry overlaid and the odd feeling of doubt.  So we’ll go with worried for the moment

I’m worried about going into hospital on Thursday – worried that when given the […]



Right – after the most recent misery-fest I have brushed myself off, given myself a bit of a talking to and decided that I have got to stop this thing being the only be-all and end-all of my life.  It has been a year and there needs to be an end to all of this […]

Hope and no hope


I haven’t been around much recently – not wanting to post just in case I jinxed something and just desperately hoping that there was something to jinx


Turns out there wasn’t


Hey ho


And hope quite frankly was an entire waste of time – I’ve denied myself things for absolutely no […]

Are we the only ones with nutty family traditions?


Surely ours cannot be the only family that have a variety of strange things we MUST do to mark special occasions? 


I’ve just had to go and skulk on the fire escape so I can sing happy birthday to my sister – nothing like being caught mid song to bolster your professional image.  […]

All change


I’m not the best at change – I can talk a good game but in reality I quite like things to stay as they are so I know where I am. 

 Trouble is that at the moment so many things are changing that I feel as if I’m trying to navigate through a continuously […]

Can women have it all? Do men have it all? Or do none of us?


I’m increasingly coming around to the view that the only way to get ahead is to have a strong support network at home – yes, women are making great leaps forward BUT if I look around me at the women one layer up from in my career they generally have a husband at home.  […]

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