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Running and crochet saved my sanity


As an aside before I kick off, is there any way to take a picture of your feet where they don’t look like something that belongs to a hobbit and where you legs don’t look strangely larger than they actually are?


If you’ve followed the saga going on around here over the […]

Woolly weekend


What does an entirely normal person do when things start to get too much and they have a to do list as long as their arm?

Obviously they get wool obsessed for the weekend and end up designing their own pumpkin tea cosy because there isn’t a perfect pattern ANYWHERE on the internet…

Still […]

5 lovely things – 20th September

5 lovely little things badge by Muddling Along


Another Friday and time for a 10 minutes away from the rush to sit down with a cup of tea (and a slice of cake if you are lucky) and to look over a few lovely things I’ve found on my journeys around the internet this week


One to read

I think I’m […]

Embracing autumn


A cold and damp weekend – the seasons seem to have changed and Autumn is here – instead of feeling that summer is over, I’m now focused on embracing Autumn and enjoying this season

Today the fire is lit in the stove, I’ve been foraging outside and batch cooking – lasagnes, peach preserve, apple […]

In a sort of limbo


It feels at the moment as if I’m stuck in a sort of limbo – there are lots of things that are going to happen but nothing much is actually happening

I don’t really feel pregnant any more – I have stopped being sick which is WONDERFUL and apart from being shattered I don’t […]

Time happily spent offline


Sorry I haven’t been around much – we had a bit of a holiday over Easter and I tried to escape work for a bit, tried being the key word since I ended up in London at meetings on Thursday and spent Friday trying to juggle life with a paper that suddenly needed submitting […]

Weekend crochet project – rosy tea cosy

how to make a crochet rose topped tea cosy


I saw this last week and loved the way it looked – I have a very utilitarian steel teapot – lovely and big but not beautiful and even when standing on the Aga the tea doesn’t stay warm for all that long

I did fiddle with the pattern – my cosy needs more increases […]

Crochet granny square colour block blanket tah dah!

how to crochet a granny colour block blanket


I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but a combination of working late and photos looking rubbish when taken at night and having to wrestle this back from upstairs beds because it has already been stolen away has delayed things… but finally here you are – my colourful granny square blanket

I found […]

The Granny Patchwork Blanket tah dah!


I have really, really loved making this granny patchwork blanket – it has been super speedy (just over a month from start to finish AND all the ends sewn in) probably because it is so portable and I could carry around a few squares to crochet on the go and join them all up […]

Dolly hair rescue, tasty treats and snuggly afternoons


Can’t believe that half term is over already – Bigger being Bigger leapt out of bed this morning determined to get into her uniform and off to school IMMEDIATELY.  Littler being Littler had to be extracted from under her duvet 20 minutes later with a crowbar – should I worry that she has started […]

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