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Time to treat parents as adults when we talk about bed sharing?


I read an article this morning where yet another mother admitted that she had been able to speak frankly to her health visitor and GP about the realities of her and specifically that she was bed sharing with her baby. It turns out that half of parents who bed share have lied to their […]

Embracing the velcro baby


It’s funny how the drip drip drip of popular opinion can begin to wear you and your best intentions down

It’s also strange how I seem to have completely wiped the newborn days with the girls from my memory – I can vaguely remember how we did things but the detail is all rather […]

Co-sleeping – if you do it properly it IS safe


If you read the press, talk to your Health Visitor, talk to your parents, the chances are that everyone has told you that co-sleeping/bed sharing/sleep sharing/family bed is Not Safe and You Must Not Sleep With Your Baby.

If you talk to parents in the real world, living real lives you’ll generally find that […]

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