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Do the ‘Mummy wars’ really exist?


It seems as if every month you can read articles splattered over the press identifying one group or another of parents that are at loggerheads

Ignoring the fact that the ONLY split in parenting is between those who got a good night’s sleep last night and those who didn’t (for whatever reason and for […]

My breasts aren’t judging you


Apparently by posting breastfeeding pictures I have been judging those parents who aren’t breastfeeding – really?

My breasts can do several things but can they really judge you?

Are pictures of my saggy boobs and my chubby little boy that powerful?

Do they really leap out there into the cyber-world and shout abuse at […]

Can we stop with the politics of division?


I’m not sure if someone somewhere has realised that parents have the potential to be a powerful force and therefore the best way to stop us joining together and turning up at the gates of power wielding pitchforks and burning torches is to ensure that we are divided

Either way it feels to me […]

Is your choice to stay at home hurting my career?


I hate the term Mummy Wars – I hate the idea that we can’t just be supportive of our decisions and move on.  I hate the idea that we are supposed to be on different sides rather than all doing our best as parents.  Life is too short etc etc


Unfortunately recent research […]

The Friday Rant Club – I am still a full time Mum


Let me get this absolutely clear – set it out straight for those of you in the back who may not have been playing attention – I am a full time Mum.

Yes I may work BUT I am still a mum even when I’m away from the house.

I don’t suddenly get to […]

Can women have it all? Do men have it all? Or do none of us?


I’m increasingly coming around to the view that the only way to get ahead is to have a strong support network at home – yes, women are making great leaps forward BUT if I look around me at the women one layer up from in my career they generally have a husband at home.  […]

Enough with the judgemental claptrap


I’ve always thought that one of the benefits of having gone back to work into my male ghetto so quickly after the girls was born was that I missed out on an awful lot of Mummy interaction.  Yes I missed the opportunity to make friends, to share experiences but I also missed a whole […]

The burka ban – a good ban or a bad ban?


This week France banned women from wearing a burka or niquab in public– they haven’t banned headscarves but the full face coverings, a niquab leaves the eyes visible, a burka covers the face entirely.  From reading the coverage it seems that this is a measure that, chattering classes excepted, is popular across France.


Friday Rant Club – work / life no balance


The Friday Rant Club is an opportunity to get all those frustrations that have been building up off your chest before the weekend.  Either post something in the comments below or write your own one.  There’s a little badge over there on the right if you fancy showing the world that you are […]

What is it with all the economic flat-earthers?


I have to admit I’m a little confused I’m sure that everyone agreed that after the Credit Crunch the UK economy was in a horrid state and it was unsustainable for us to carry on as we were. That we would have to find a way to fix the economy, balance the books and […]

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