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Time off for good behaviour?



We’re back from a long weekend away – a few days off from the daily grind and some time together as a family

We’ve watched plenty of rugby, spent time on stomps around the headland and lots and lots of time on the motorway there and back

The sun shone, the views were […]

Time happily spent offline


Sorry I haven’t been around much – we had a bit of a holiday over Easter and I tried to escape work for a bit, tried being the key word since I ended up in London at meetings on Thursday and spent Friday trying to juggle life with a paper that suddenly needed submitting […]

Snuck away for a few days…


Did you miss me?


Escaped for a few days without the girls and to spend some time with friends on the ski slopes – very much needed, even if we do need to go on a bit of a detox now!


Had lots of fun – even the icy black that we […]

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