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Happy 2nd birthday Littlest


I really can’t believe that 2 years have already gone by – it feels as if they’ve passed in a flash

He gave us the best Christmas present EVER by taking his first steps – it may not look like most toddler walking but to me it is the most beautiful thing.  He has […]

Thoughts on starting my 40th year


I am starting my 40th year – I’m 39 today (actually I’m not really 39 until about 11pm tonight so I have a few more hours of being 38 but you get the drift….)

And I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that – perhaps sleep deprivation from the baby with manflu isn’t […]

Happy 5th birthday Bigger


How did that happen?

How can she be 5?

It feels like a far shorter time has passed

5 years ago today (with snow on the ground as well) Bigger was born at home

It has been a funny old journey – looking at her today she has become a beautiful, tall, articulate girl […]

Love/hate my birthday


I’m not an overly reflective type.

I pride myself on trying to live in the moment, to live in the joy of what is.

But its funny – its now my birthday and I feel uncharacteristically contemplative.

I have a love/hate relationship with my birthday – there have been wonderful years and there have […]

Doesn’t time fly! Our baby is a year old today!


I should probably have a wonderfully touching, considered post to mark today but I haven’t.

Instead I’ve enjoyed a wonderful weekend with the family.

We had a wonderful family party yesterday – both girls in their party frocks, both playing together and the Littlest One decided to show off by pushing a chair around […]

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