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Customisable Valentines printable vouchers


It’s Valentines this weekend, a time when you can either throw yourself into competitive coupledom or hibernate until the tsunami of hearts, teddy bears and pink subsides

We’re not in the going out and celebrating camp.  Once you add in the cost of a babysitter to the meal, a drink it adds up […]

It wasn’t children but my colleagues that killed my career


It is one of the great myths of motherhood that you can’t have it all – that even with the best will in the world you cannot combine a happy life and a fulfilled career

The evidence as you look around does rather seem to back it up – women are reported to be […]

What has the blogging world evolved into?


During the couple of years when I was a blogger in remission the world of blogging seems to have evolved, to have moved on– not only did the number of blogs explode (I’m part of the generation that remember when the Tots100 was only about 100 blogs…) but the way that blogging happened seemed […]

Snippets to start the week


My brain is fried so rather than a proper post here are a bunch of things that are flying around my brain

So it turns out that whilst I can just about squeeze in some blogging during the week it is impossible to find time at the weekend – going to visit family, forgetting […]

How do you eradicate sexism and unconscious bias?


Today I was staggered to be involved in an email chain amongst my work colleagues which showed just how ingrained some sexism is, how much unconscious bias is sitting beneath the surface, how much we still have to do to eradicate it all – apparently our PA’s birthday present has always been organised by one of the women in […]

Running and crochet saved my sanity


As an aside before I kick off, is there any way to take a picture of your feet where they don’t look like something that belongs to a hobbit and where you legs don’t look strangely larger than they actually are?


If you’ve followed the saga going on around here over the […]

How to combat the myth of having it all?


Another day, another attempt to try and find some way to balance it all

Talking to one of my friends it seems that we are all running frantically to try and keep up with ourselves.  She asked how on earth is she supposed to have it all?

How was she supposed to work, manage […]

Reclaiming the right to be proud


This time last year I decided to take back some control of my life and to try and drag myself out of the rut (in reality it was more of a chasm) that I had fallen in.  The trigger was my best friend turning to me and offering to pay for some coaching because […]

Trying to switch back on


The trouble with the enforced switch off from blogging / social media a couple of years ago was that I largely forgot to switch myself back on(mostly because I was strangled by the amount of self editing required and the fact that without telling the whole nothing felt quite right)

I have dipped in […]

Happy 2nd birthday Littlest


I really can’t believe that 2 years have already gone by – it feels as if they’ve passed in a flash

He gave us the best Christmas present EVER by taking his first steps – it may not look like most toddler walking but to me it is the most beautiful thing.  He has […]

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