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Running and crochet saved my sanity


As an aside before I kick off, is there any way to take a picture of your feet where they don’t look like something that belongs to a hobbit and where you legs don’t look strangely larger than they actually are?


If you’ve followed the saga going on around here over the […]

Woolly weekend


What does an entirely normal person do when things start to get too much and they have a to do list as long as their arm?

Obviously they get wool obsessed for the weekend and end up designing their own pumpkin tea cosy because there isn’t a perfect pattern ANYWHERE on the internet…

Still […]

Weekend crochet project – rosy tea cosy

how to make a crochet rose topped tea cosy


I saw this last week and loved the way it looked – I have a very utilitarian steel teapot – lovely and big but not beautiful and even when standing on the Aga the tea doesn’t stay warm for all that long

I did fiddle with the pattern – my cosy needs more increases […]

The Granny Patchwork Blanket tah dah!


I have really, really loved making this granny patchwork blanket – it has been super speedy (just over a month from start to finish AND all the ends sewn in) probably because it is so portable and I could carry around a few squares to crochet on the go and join them all up […]

Small hats of loveliness


There have been a lot of babies being born recently (and many more to come, if you’re wanting a baby make sure you either work with me or are friends – the pregnancy rate is mind blowing, especially given it STILL isn’t working for us…) which has meant a lot of rapid fire knitting


Blanket addiction


I’m afraid important things like sleeping, housework and blogging are rather taking a back burner at the moment – I’m immersed in a new blanket project and everything else will just have to wait ok?

Inspired by a granny patchwork post over at Attic24 and following Sarah London’s granny square pattern (which makes lovely […]

Commuter crochet – or the art of controlling small things


If you can’t control the big things in life, find something small, grab it and make it do what you want to and you will feel better – and baby step by baby step you’ll find yourself getting bigger and bigger things under control

Or at least that is the theory – great plans […]

Last minute Valentines heart hairclips


Had a Bad Mummy Moment tonight.


In the heat of it all – work being crazy busy, trains being delayed and the such like – I realised that not only was I not going to see the girls until tomorrow night (I got home too last to see them at bedtime thanks to […]

Tah dah – the Far Too Big Blanket is done!


I’ve written a few posts in the past about the granny stripe blanket I have had on the go (here, here and here for starters) – turns out that it is a perfect lesson in not biting off more than you can chew and certainly in not thinking that another foot or so of width […]

Reveal – snugly ribbed blanket


I’m rather impressed how this turned out given the idea came from a scarf pattern that I wondered if it might make a nice throw to curl up in when we got the house back


And as you do I then ended up buying a small stash of wool and setting to work.


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