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About Me

This is my personal blog about how I’m trying to make sense of the varied demands of juggling a life inhabited by a husband, three children, a home, two chickens and a full time job – it’s a learning curve that I’m just about clinging to.


Dramatis personæ


Muddling – sleep deprived and blogging to maintain my sanity

Mr Muddling – adorable geek in disguise as a balanced member of society

Bigger – 2008 vintage, serious, tall, in charge of the junior cohort (according to her) – a big fan of pancakes, lasagne and party bags

Littler – 2009 vintage, 18 months behind her sister but also convinced she is in charge. Mostly known for it being HER turn and looking like she’s been dragged through a hedge backwards

Littlest – born January 2014 – a surprise, miracle baby boy with the biggest smiles ever