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More excuses

Sorry sorry sorry – I know I was supposed to be writing more but life managed to get in the way again

Long story short (and there is quite a long story but more on that another time) just before Christmas I stumbled over the opportunity to switch to a slightly different job for the next 3/6/12/18 months and, even better for my self confidence, I managed to beat off 5 others to it. Thanks to various tedious issues I got stuck in process limbo and it ended up taking 8 weeks to sort out the logistics but at the start of March I headed off into the unknown
It’s both super exciting and absolutely terrifying

One thing I hadn’t really realised was just how EXHAUSTING it would be. It’s one thing to manage to sort out a new email address, a security pass, laptop and work out where the coffee machine and toilets are. It is quite another to learn a whole new language and to try and work out the underlying political currents and who is who and what they really do. So far I seem to be doing ok but my brain is like mush by the end of the day and all I want to do is go home and lie on the sofa quietly dribbling

But I am happier here – I’m relishing the challenge, I’m loving learning about something new and I am beginning to realise just how toxic my work environment has been during recent years

I knew I had made a mistake within about 15 minutes of the start of my first day – what had been set out during endless rounds of interviews was very different from the reality I actually had to experience. I’ve been incredibly unhappy at work but they have paid me for the last 5 and a half years and kept our family financially afloat. And if I’m being generous, there weren’t a lot of other alternatives in 2010 as my previous job disappeared amongst the rubble of the credit crisis

It is still early days but I’m getting to grips with what I actually need to do, who can help me do it and when I need to get things done by – I’m excited and enthused

There’s a few things to sort out – my commute has changed and I’ve not quite got it sorted out and I’m missing my chance to knit on the train. I’ve not quite managed to sort out when I can run home in during the week but that is one I can start to solve soon

So onwards and upwards – this is fun! (remind me of this when it all gets too much in a few weeks…)

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