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5 lovely things – 5 articles to read this week

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Hello all – it is Friday (TGI Friday) and time to grab a cup of something and a bit of cake and have 15 minutes off – this week I have 5 articles that you really should read that I’ve encountered on my journey around the internet


Finding meaning in your job

Lauren Laverne writes about how small moments can transform a day and how to embrace the meaning in what we might write off as the mundane worklife


Turning life into cartoons

A group of cartoonists share how their cartoons reflect their real lives (to a greater or lesser extent


Why do we teach girls it is cute to be scared

Why are we teaching the girls in our life that it is adorable to be afraid of the dark / heights / spiders – we are strong women and we are belittling ourselves and restricting our opportunities if we do this


How long can wine last once opened

The lovely Helen is back and helpfully explaining how long wine can last (and how to make it last a little longer)
How to care less at work

One of the joys of motherhood was realising I could give 90% at work and still be doing a good job – some tips on how to care less about work (and stop it taking over your life)

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