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5 lovely things – the one where we are still waiting for Spring

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Hello!  It’s Friday elevenses time and here’s a 5 lovely things I’ve tripped over on my journeys around the internet this last week

Grab a cuppa and get stuck in!


One to read

I’ve just discovered Daddy and Harry books (am I the last to know about these guys?) – not only do they do great books but their Facebook page has some really very cute videos


Waste time on this (and do good at the same time)

Slightly tricky to explain but this site is a quiz (you can choose various topics from vocabulary to maths) and every time you get an answer right they will donate 10 grains of rice to charities that are feeding hungry people around the world.  The more right you are, the more your gains build up and benefit others – basically you get to feel good about being right and wasting time


One to listen to

When I got told about the stuff you should know podcasts I was worried that they would be a mix between school lessons and mansplaining stuff I already knew but these are nothing like that – they’re a great way to learn something new


One to not listen to in public

My Dad Wrote A Porno is the funniest podcast EVER.  One of my friends downloaded it to listen to whilst running and had to stop because she couldn’t breathe for laughing, another made the mistake of listening to it at work and had to stop quickly.  But you HAVE to listen to this it is comedy gold


One to follow

Actually 3 to follow – 3 great Instagram accounts that I’ve discovered

@caitlinchinn is a wildland firefighter in the US Forest Service and avid white water rafter who shares daily pictures of her real life adventures

@psimadethis a slightly different fashion blogger who shares how to make the pretty things she features

@feministthoughtbubble Molly draws women alongside their inspriring soundbites – it’s wise and witty feminism

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