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Splat the rat (or the reality of life with 3 children)

I love our life – I love the chaos, the noise, the sheer full-on-ness (is that a word?) of our family – but oh my is the step up from two children to three children something else

One of my university friends congratulated me on the arrival of number 3 and warned me that you go from man marking to zonal defence which does sum some of it up

What he failed to mention is that you go from being able to anticipate issues, to have a bit of bandwidth to be aware of things coming up to a world which vividly reminds me of the splat the rat game at our village fête

You know the one?  You have some pipes and they drop a rat though and you have to guess which pipe it is coming out of to bash it with a bat

And that is really what life is like

It is so easy to get distracted by one child and their issues and to take your eyes off the others and to get perilously close to missing something that one of them needs – or to get distracted by work or something going wrong with the house (our drains are misbehaving again) and suddenly a crisis springs up because you couldn’t see what was coming

It’s hard – Littlest is smaller and so needs more attention and his pain, his other issues suck attention that needs to be elsewhere – it is so easy to focus on him and ignore other things

The girls need that focus on them as well – they need cuddles, time spent focused on them and attention.  Bigger is going through that difficult not small not big stage.  Littler is getting additional support at school and needs more time spent just with her, not bundled up with her sister

One of the (small) advantages of N getting up at 6 to go into work (and waking the small people) is that at least we are getting a proper cuddle together at the start of the day and that helps but…

And then there are the cats, the garden, the house, all of the chores all of which need attention and aren’t getting it

I got an E (on a scale of A to E) for hand-eye coordination at school – I’m not sure it is the root of the problem but I’d really like to feel I managed to splat that rat just once or twice

It gets better I’m sure but gosh at the moment we barely have it under control

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