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Bereft (or the night that Littlest slept a bit)

This is really strange but tonight Littlest has gone to sleep on his own in his own bed

It is fair to say that this is the FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED in the 2 years he has been around

Normal bedtime involves a bunch of singing, cuddling, nursing and a lot of long time spent in the chair in his room gently rocking and trying to check my phone behind the blankets he is wrapped in – it’s a really fun way to spend an hour or so every night (admittedly about twice it has taken less than that)

So like every other night we went upstairs, he nursed, he told me off for singing at him, we cuddled and then he suddenly wanted to go to bed

He asked to cuddle his water bottle – well when I say his water bottle what I mean is a pink plastic flip top bottle which is slightly tacky from the labels that the girls pulled off about when they decided that they no longer really wanted it several years ago… and what child wants to cuddle a water bottle?

So anyway he’s upstairs, asleep and I’m down here with my knitting and computer and unable to settle because he might wake up any moment but he isn’t

I suspect this might be a one off but I feel so bereft

I think I’ve been lulled into a false sense of security about him growing up – he’s only really just walking now and yet he is 2, he is talking, he is growing up

My littlest one is growing up…

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2 comments to Bereft (or the night that Littlest slept a bit)

  • I just thought, because you’re awake, bereft, I’d comment.
    I’ve missed you whilst you’ve been away, and 2016 has been a lot better having your posts arrive in my inbox.
    I’m offline a lot when I read, meaning to comment when I return from civilisation, but getting bogged down in family life when I return.
    Your posts area as pertinent as ever, especially since the first time I heard you it was at Britmums talking about whether women can have it all- it’s not altogether great that we’re still taking about it four years on- probably you’re still ahead of the game!
    Anyway, I just wanted to say, thank you, for being back, for finding the time, and talking honestly.

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