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5 lovely things – cold and bright

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It’s cold today and I’m curled up in my bed working – I’ve a work presentation that is refusing to write itself and I need the quiet of home rather than the clamour of the office on a Friday.  As a plus it is lunchtime and I’m still in my PJs… and by not commuting I get to go out for a guilt free run later

But it’s Friday so here are 5 things I’ve stumbled on around the internet this week that I think you’ll like – grab a coffee and have a squizz and happy nearly weekend all!


One to download

Talking of running, this is my new obsession – zombies run!  Running can be a little dull but these are great podcasts which you can listen to which have the added incentive of a bunch of zombies chasing you to make you speed up (you can turn this off, I suggest you do that before running in the dark and scaring yourself out of your socks…)


One to read 

170,000 men came up with their blueprint for the perfect woman so an actual woman came up with her version (and I so want to go out for a large glass of something with this version)


One to follow

We’ve all seen beautifully ‘curated’ Instagram feeds but this one from the Reykjavik police department is lovely – Iceland has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the world and the police have to keep themselves busy (think handstands in the snow amongst other things).  I’ve also got a bit of a soft spot for Iceland having worked out there on and off a few years ago (and no I still haven’t made it to the Blue Lagoon, that’s on my long list)


One to make

I’m currently OBSESSED with 10 stitch blankets thinking it could be a really great way to de-stash my wool cupboard and something small and portable (up until the point it gets out of hand but perhaps I could do squares and join them?) – although is it just me, but my stash cupboard seems to be a bit dull colour-wise, I guess I have used up most of the lovely colours


One to watch

This is a great TED talk from Amy Cuddy explaining the science behind how a simple Wonder Woman pose (legs apart, hands on hips, head up) can trick your body into feeling confident even when you are feeling anything but

Give it a try, it really does work

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