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Time off for good behaviour?


TB spring 2016

We’re back from a long weekend away – a few days off from the daily grind and some time together as a family

We’ve watched plenty of rugby, spent time on stomps around the headland and lots and lots of time on the motorway there and back

The sun shone, the views were marvellous and there were moments when all 3 children managed to co-exist without fighting – all in all not a bad way to spend a long weekend

I’m not sure why but even the usual chores – the inevitable cooking, cleaning, washing – do seem a bit less tiresome when away from home

Only trouble is that going back to work afterwards is no fun (and as always a shorter week seems to mean the same amount of work just condensed into a much smaller amount of time)

Still, without wanting to wish life away, it isn’t all that long until Easter and another break!

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