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5 lovely things – back by popular demand

5 lovely little things badge by Muddling Along

Some time ago I used to post up a few links that I’d tripped over on my travels around the internet on a Friday at coffee break time and called it 5 lovely things – I sort of fell out of doing it but one of my lovely blogging friends (Hi Denise!) asked me to consider bringing it back so here you are

Think of this as the perfect excuse to grab a cuppa and waste a little bit of time discovering some new blogs, reading a couple of great articles and perhaps finding a new craft project to have a go at


One to read

A great post about how, despite twitter having some issues, what it does that is still great is amplify women’s voices in a way that you don’t see that often in society

A few of my favourite people you should consider following are @porridgebrain, @karamina, @thatchamdad and @52betty


Make that two to read

A post about why mistakes aren’t bad things and that actually if we don’t allow ourselves to make mistakes we don’t give ourselves the chance to learn


One to make

It’s February, it’s cold but not warm glove cold and you need a bit of colour in your life – these are beautiful fingerless mittens with bright stripes and buttons, what’s not to like?


One to get lost in

Want to understand the historical inaccuracies in the costumes for War & Peace or Downton – just step this way. But be prepared to disappear down a rabbit hole


One to follow

ManWhoHasItAll is my new favourite twitter account – nicely taking the ‘helpful’ advice dished out to working mothers and spinning it for the working fathers in our lives – yes they too can worry about how to juggle children, a job AND having good hair


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