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Snippets to start the week

My brain is fried so rather than a proper post here are a bunch of things that are flying around my brain

So it turns out that whilst I can just about squeeze in some blogging during the week it is impossible to find time at the weekend – going to visit family, forgetting my laptop and having to ferry various children between a multitude of different activities wiped out my weekend

I am trying to get the swatches done so I can start a new knitting project – I know I need to do them or doom will ensure but it is so dull and I want to get stuck into the fun stuff

How can it be half term next week?   Where has this term gone?  How can it be Lent from Wednesday?  I’ve barely got over failing to decide on my new years resolutions and I now need to think about what to do for Lent – I need more time!  Although if you are thinking about what to do 40 Acts has a wonderful programme of generosity that is well worth looking at

Why am I finding it so much harder to run in February than January – I still have the same time pressures but I’m struggling to carve out the time to get out – perhaps I used up all of my motivation in the first month of the year?

Why can’t they get the temperature in our office consistent?  Today it is boiling hot, last week freezing cold – getting dressed in the morning is a challenge because I don’t know whether to wrap up warm or to have layers on I can divest (think the dance of the seven veils but with less belly dancing)

Keep your fingers crossed I can get my report finished tomorrow and this week rolls through quickly with minimal casualties

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