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Running and crochet saved my sanity

running and crochet

As an aside before I kick off, is there any way to take a picture of your feet where they don’t look like something that belongs to a hobbit and where you legs don’t look strangely larger than they actually are?


If you’ve followed the saga going on around here over the last couple of years you’ll probably have realised that things got a little tricky and a little stressful – there were times when I honestly had no idea how we were going to keep going and how I could cope any longer

But you do cope because there isn’t any choice and, a bit like Kimmy Schmidt, if you can do another 10 seconds and another 10 seconds eventually you’ve managed a minute, an hour, a day and so on

But coping isn’t really terribly fun and feeling like you are clinging to life by your fingernails isn’t really a great way to live

Over the last 6 years I have sporadically been running – the odd half hour here and there but never really getting into a regular groove or going faster or further

The last year has been a little different, running has become the fire break in my life – the little period of time when I’m forced to turn off from the lists, the worries, the what-ifs and focus on not falling over

Gradually I have got faster, run longer and now the 2 or 3 runs a week are essential to me – I need to get out there and push myself

And crochet (or knitting – basically just stuff involving wool and sticks) is a similar thing for me.  I’ve noticed that the weeks when I don’t have a project on the go are the ones that don’t seem to flow properly – I need to be able to have something in my handbag to work on during my commute as part of my process of unwinding after work – that half an hour of wool and hooks is the re-set between work and home and without it life is harder

You do what you need to and for me, this is what I need to – life has been hard, is hard (another hospital thing today that didn’t quite deliver what we hoped it would…) but finding something that means I can keep going, keep smiling, keep some form of sanity, well that’s not so bad

Although if you have any other ideas that involved less mud I’d be interested

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