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Free time? Me time?

Where do you manage to find some free time in and amongst everything?  Where do you manage to find some time for yourself?

I’m feeling utterly taken over by all the demands at the moment – the biggest problem is that Littlest is not sleeping well (I’m hoping that by blogging about it I can invoke the Law of Sod and he will suddenly, miraculously get better at sleeping).  He is moving about more, trying to pull himself up on his knees which is great, but unfortunately means he is in more pain and we haven’t really got it under control

The current regime is lots of hot baths, a cot filled with duvets to lie on and the motto This Too Must Pass

By trial and error (ok mostly by error) we discovered that putting him down on his back to sleep is A BAD Thing and will means he wakes up quickly

All very well but what it has meant it that my evenings have been taken up with comforting the baby and I have had no time at all to do any of the things I want to do – clothes have not been put away, reading for work has been left undone and I’ve felt totally overwhelmed

It doesn’t help that I’m constantly on the call at work – my daytime seems full of ‘can we just?’, ‘have we thought about?’, ‘could we pull together?’ and with no time to stop, think or do nothing

I guess you could call my commute my free time but I’m not sure that two half hour slots of playing sardines with a bunch of equally grumpy commuters really counts?

And so where do I carve out a bit of space – I want to run, to crochet, to read and to just have nothing that I have to do but there’s no space for it

People have suggested getting up earlier but Littlest wakes at 6 and wants milk (and after a broken night I’m not sure I could face being up any earlier than that)

I know this will get better, that it won’t feel like I’m under constant bombardment but please can we have a glimmer of hope soon?

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3 comments to Free time? Me time?

  • BF

    When you find the answer please let me know… Back to work on Tuesday and am drowning as it is, factoring in working I just don’t see how we’ll survive, sob.

    Big hugs – sending lots of hugs to Littlest x x x

  • AM

    I so relate. I also have 3, the youngest is also a 2014 baby, and I’m about to hit 39. So I’m in a really similar place to you and wonder when the hell it’ll all get easier…

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