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The Year of Doom continues

I was hoping that our Year Of Doom was over, that we had had enough go wrong and whoever we had offended in the universe had taken their eye off us and moved onto creating chaos in someone else’s life

Apparently I was wrong

I think we’re up to 4 (or possibly 5) in this run of bad luck

I’m considering going and hiding under my duvet until someone tells me it is safe to come out

  1. A truck hurtling to you not using it’s brakes and swerving onto your side of the road rather than their empty lane and knowing because you are stationary at the junction you can do nothing.  Except wait and really really hope that it isn’t going to be too awfully bad
  2. Social services calling and saying that you must produce your baby for an emergency supervised medical because they think his birth mark might be a bruise and you are a risk to him
  3. The birthmark turning out not to be a sort of amusing Mongolian blue spot but rather a lifestyle limiting venous malformation and there’s a real chance you child won’t walk easily
  4. Your Biggest child tripping over her own feet and having a nasty displaced break of her arm.  So nasty they want to operate quickly and before 6 hours have passed since she ate. And as a result she has a bad experience with the general anaesthetic and has to have extra oxygen and monitoring



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