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Managed to break another child…

Managed to break another child…

broken arm Talk about the perfect end to a ghastly week – we’ve managed to break another child

Bigger tripped over whilst running around in the garden and managed a super nasty break of her arm – the sort of look at it and feel really rather sick kind of break where things are definitely not in the right place

We got a trip in an ambulance (is it wrong that I’m slightly disappointed we didn’t get to use the sirens, damn you traffic lights for working in our favour the only time I’ve ever been at that busy junction?), an incredibly long operation and a night with her on a monitor in the children with more serious things wrong with them end of the ward

Typically she has more or less bounced back whilst Mr M and I are still exhausted from the lack of sleep and emotionally shattered from all the ‘excitement’

Please keep everything crossed that when we go back after a week the pins and plate have held everything in the right place so we don’t have to have another operation and we can get her into a proper plaster without having to fret about her bumping it and making it worse

As a friend said, at least we are being even handed parents allowing both of the girls to experience broken bones and general anaesthetics…

Hopefully this is number 3 in the Muddling Household 2014 year of doom nightmares

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  1. Thinking of you all – I hope she recovers quickly!

  2. Oh, poor you (it’s always worse for the parents than the child, I think).

  3. Sounds like really bad luck – I hope she’s OK soon. It seems to be the time of year – about 3 boys in my son’s class have broken bones…

  4. Oh no. Really sorry to hear that. Hope all turns out OK!

  5. Oooh, ouch. Bringing back memories of when one of mine completely snapped a wrist. The pain was so bad they put him straight on a morphine drip when I got him to the Emergency Room. Hope all’s well.

  6. oh no, I hope you are being kind to yourself. These things happen. Snaffles broke his recently, it wasnt this bad but i remember feeling so awful about it all. They dont care and they get mega cool points at school for it all.


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