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3 feels just about perfect

the childrenLooking back to this time last year, our life seems totally transformed

I don’t want to attribute too much to the chubby bundle of smiles bouncing in his chair next to me and grinning at me each time we make eye contact but the fact remains that, despite all the external noise and horribleness, life feels more contented than it has in an awfully long time

When I told work I was pregnant late last summer I explained the various reasons we hadn’t shared the news of the pregnancy any earlier – the worries about miscarriage and the previous losses we had experienced.  I told work that I hadn’t realised how miserable I had been and how all encompassing those losses had become until it began to look as if this pregnancy might work out

It may be partly an absence of the trying to conceive rut we have been in for the last several years but it may also be that now our family feels complete, right, in a good place

The girls are at a wonderful stage

Bigger is thriving at school, can now read independently and has even progressed to the stage of leaving us passive aggressive notes if we fail in some way.  Admittedly there is no fun like the frequent fallings out over learning her spellings (I’m getting much better at catching the spellings book when it is thrown at me…)

Littler has suddenly blossomed into a little girl – they went away overnight and I’m sure she changed whilst away – she’s starting to learn her letters, numbers and is beyond excited that she starts school in September

And Littlest is a joy (well apart from the whole teething, jabs, growth spurt thing we had going on last week…) – he smiles, laughs and would probably be rolling if it wasn’t for his fat tummy getting in the way

So yes, there are a bunch of things happening in the outside world that need to be dealt with or at least managed and mitigated, but leaving that aside we are incredibly lucky – this family feels just about perfect to me

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5 comments to 3 feels just about perfect

  • Tim

    So glad to read how contented you are. We ummed and ahhed over whether to have a third child for a while – I was the more reticent one – but the moment Kara arrived to join the two boys it just felt right. Today’s her second birthday and I couldn’t be happier. Neither of us wants a fourth child and we would have been happy with just two, but like you three feels perfect. 🙂

  • What a wonderfully uplifting post! So pleased that the newest member of your family has settled in so well 🙂 Our family is made up of 2 girls and a boy, all of whom are so different – when our third (the boy) arrived, we also felt complete. Such a lovely feeling.

    • Hannah Brewer

      It’s strange Suzanne – he’s only been here 4 months and it’s as if he’s just slotted into his proper place in the family – it’s brilliant

  • This! You’ve taken the words right out of my mouth! 3 is so perfect for us, I just wish people would shut up & start asking about #4. I never got that after 2, no one thought to ask if there would be a #3! Cant believe Littler is starting school in Sept!

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