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Return to work diaries – day 1

return to work diaryWell we survived

I made it into the office more or less on time despite a slight glitch getting ready – apparently all of my bras had decided to go AWOL and, whilst I’m prepared to do many things, I’m not sure it’s possible to feel professional without adequate underpinnings

And once I got there it was rather surreal

It sort of felt like when I was last at work, it sort of felt like ‘normal’ but it also felt strange – things were similar but also slightly different

Of course my security pass didn’t work, my laptop is sulking and, for some reason, my desk has been moved 20 yards away from where it has always been

Whilst part of me was happily catching up with colleagues over coffee, another part was desperately trying to make sure I sounded coherent and avoiding the Mummy brain (don’t mention baby poo, don’t mention baby vomit, don’t show pictures to anyone unless they ask twice) and another part was wanting to be at home with Littlest and the girls

The good news is that Littlest took his first bottle without any fuss or trouble (but of course!), he even slept for about twice as long as he ever has with me (but of course!) and that everyone was fine

The bad news is that I missed them awfully (but of course…), the trains were messed up on the way home so I was later than I’d hoped and had all the stress of ‘oh heck am I going to get home?’ and Littlest refused to look at me when I got home

But we got through it, next week we get to do it all again and hopefully next time my underwear will co-operate

Oh and if I had ten pounds for every time someone said ‘oh gosh are you back already – that’s so soon!’ I’d be able to afford another couple of months off…

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5 comments to Return to work diaries – day 1

  • ‘Glad’ to hear it went as well as it could have.
    I still show photos on the first time of asking, and it’s three(or five) years on!
    Assuming it’s not full time yet- I hope you get to live every minute twice tomorrow. x

  • Great news and well done! 🙂

  • I think we should have a whip round….

    Well done you! And all the children too!

  • Tim

    Day 1. Survival. No dismembering of limbs – self, colleagues or Littlest. I call that a win …

    Well done. Just remember: it will get better.

  • You mean we’re not meant to talk about those things with other people?! I’m really going to struggle with the day I return to work aren’t I! Glad you survived it.. and I’m rather jealous of bras.. my life is more about bra at the moment. I have one maternity one which I find is more comfortable then the others!

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