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And so back to blogging?

I’m not quite sure where the last few weeks went – I’ve been wanting to get back to blogging regularly, I have been needing to write, to put things down but it hasn’t quite happened

I’ve also not managed to make the time for crochet, knitting, running – all the things I need to do to have a balance in my life

There are days when I look at our life and wonder how it got so complicated, how I can ever parent three children without causing them psychological traumas, how any of this can ever work out

And there are days when some things go well – we have cuddles, smiles, I don’t end up covered in too much sick or poo and life feels perfect

And that is why I need to get back to writing, because I want the three of them to perhaps be able to read back and realise that I tried my hardest to make it work, that whilst there isn’t a grand plan for our life we always hoped for a large chaotic family full of love

Life isn’t perfect, I’m trying to make it all work out and really rather often I get things wrong – but you can learn from lessons, you can pick yourself up and try again

Incredibly it is 5 years since I started writing this blog this week – back then we had one toddler and I was pregnant with Littler, I had a different job and the world looked very different – but the blog name still works, I’m still muddling and I will carry on writing about how we muddle along

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2 comments to And so back to blogging?

  • Everyone muddles along, it’s just some are more willing to admit to it than others. You can bet that when you’re able to look back on the past few weeks with the objectiveness of distance you’ll be surprised at just how much you achieved and there will have been enough cuddles for all along the way.

  • Tim

    Welcome back. I know what you mean about needing to record things in writing. Sometimes blogging is what we need to keep us sane.

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