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Babies are the best waste of time

Littlest smilingUnless someone has sneakily gone and stolen a few hours from out of the day and I reckon even in my current distracted state I might have picked up on it, probably, even if a few days after the rest of the world, my productivity levels have totally plummeted since the arrival of Littlest

It’s not just the time spent breastfeeding, or the extra washing (how much extra can one very tiny person generate???), or the need to go to bed early to cope with multiple night wakings – admittedly those things do seem to take up almost all the day

It’s not even the extra time spent chatting to people who want to admire him – I’m not sure if he IS a particularly taking baby but he already has a fully paid up fan club and it would be rude to not let the fans chat to him and to discuss just how lovely he is with them

There’s the extra time spent playing smiling with him, the time spent watching him interact with other people, time spent watching him try really very hard to reach out and touch something and time spent just cuddling him, sniffing the top of his head and playing with his little fingers

He’s like a small black hole

The trouble is that he is an incredibly cute baby black hole – just look at that smile!

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