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Cuddling up with LittlestUrgh

Littlest is doing a growth spurt – well either he’s doing that or he has decided to revert to the newborn days for no real reason

Over the last two days he has been like clockwork wanting feeding every other hour – it has been EXHAUSTING but I’m hoping it will pass soon

This morning he made up for it – he woke up both up by being sick over us both (don’t you love a reflux baby!) and then when we’d both got over the shock he looked right at me and gave me the biggest toothless grin ever

His smiles are incredible – they light up his entire face and eyes – they warm your heart right to the core

You can’t really mind about not having slept properly when you get woken up like that

And yesterday morning Littler, Littlest and I managed to escape back to bed for a nap after we’d dropped Bigger back to school – there’s something rather nice about curling up for a bit of a rest with my two favourite smallest people

Productivity has dropped to a new low but I keep reminding myself that in the greater scheme of things it really doesn’t matter if the house looks like a bomb has exploded and I’ve not ticked anything off the to do – sometimes cuddles are the only thing that needs to be achieved in a day

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