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100 days of making the most of life

This post was supposed to be written before half term because from the start of half term it was 100 days until I go back to work full time (I’m trying to ignore the whole odd day a week after Easter thing – just call me Mrs Ostrich…)

So the title isn’t quite right but 80-something days of making the most of life doesn’t sound as good as 100 days…

Anyway, with what feels like such a terribly short time left being at home with my family I am determined to try and make the most of it rather than wallow in the fact that it is rather more abbreviated than I would like

I’m trying to come up with a list of things I must do – suggestions much appreciated

I want to make sure I have plenty of cuddles with all 3 – long lazy afternoon naps with Littler and Littlest, evening cuddles before bed, time to just hold them and enjoy not rushing from A to B

I want to make sure we do fun things – not every day but to find time to cook together, to jump on the trampoline together, to play and to be silly

I want to find time to make things – to enjoy my knitting and crochet, to craft things together

And I want to do things for me – to run, to spend time with friends but also to have baths with a book, evenings sat enjoying the sunset and, most importantly, to do nothing and to not feel guilty that I’m not Doing More Things

I think my motto has to be to embrace doing the little things – to try and not make this something that I can fail at but just to embrace what I have

That said I’ve just realised I’ve only 2 weeks until I am supposed to leave Littlest for an evening and I haven’t even started pumping again (anyone remember the boob races from last time?) – please keep everything crossed that this time pumping is a breeze with no skin crawling

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1 comment to 100 days of making the most of life

  • Snafflesmummy

    Make a calander style chart of the days you have left. Cross of any days you know you have commitments, family engagements, health visitors etc and then on remaining days get the girls to choose one activity per day.

    Bake, library, swimming, park, DVD afternoon, crafts, tent picnic etc. doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated.

    The children will do what they are wanting to do and you will have enjoyed your time with them.

    Squeeze in some crochet while little one naps.

    Can you get the girls a knitting nancy to do while you crochet?
    Enjoy your days with them.

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