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Restoring equilibrium

Muddy trainersAaaaaaannnnnnnnnd relax

This last week included an unexpected enforced break from technology thanks to the storms knocking out all forms of communication other than carrier pigeon (and I hadn’t remembered to pack any of those, had remembered most other things just not the emergency carrier pigeons…)

My focus has been on getting back some balance after the various crises and trying to pull myself back from hiding away at home and not achieving very much

The running shoes are back on and I’ve started C25K again – not really in the hope of losing weight much more to regain some fitness and more importantly to find some head space – I hadn’t realised how much I had missed it or how beneficial half an hour of puffing my way around the fields would be

And then when we weren’t hiding under the duvets trying to ignore the winds and rain we did a bit of this and a bit of that – equilibrium slightly restored and I at least feel ready for getting back into the world and grabbing back hold of life

Wine and a view to relax by

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