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Muddling and LittlestThe newborn days have a hazy quality even when things are going well – probably something to do with settling back into a world of sleep deprivation and getting used to a life lived in 2 and a bit hour segments

Add in an overlay of stress and nastiness and things begin to feel rather un-real and roller coaster-like

Typically just about when we had started to weather the first crisis – actually I’m not sure we had really started to weather it, more to get used to a life that had lurched out of control and to start to acclimatise to that just being how it is. ┬áCall it a sort of shit storm stockholm syndrome?

Anyway, just when we had got used to things we lurched into another minor crisis – turns out that our perfect baby boy has a bit of a problem with one leg and we need to have a few more investigations before we can work out if this is serious-serious or just serious

The good news is that this is interesting enough that the top man wants to keep looking at him, the bad news is that this is interesting enough that the top man wants to keep looking at him…

2014 was going to be the year things started to look up for the Muddling family – turns out that this is going to be the year that tests us and sees how strong we can be

Oh well, the best laid plans etc etc

I’m crossing the days off until half term, until we can escape away for a week and get some distance between all this rubbish – hopefully we can make it another week without lurching into another crisis…

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