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Why you shouldn’t get rid of your electric shaver point

Oral B toothbrush and wizzy timerWith all 3 of our pregnancies I’ve had hyperemesis  – I’ve spent several months throwing up many times a day and have also struggled to find a toothpaste I can use that doesn’t make me throw up straight again (top tip, avoid minty products or you will forever associate toothpaste with feeling sick…)

The trouble is that throwing up that often is really bad for your teeth – they aren’t really supposed to have that much contact with stomach acid – I’ve found that my dentists have either been incredibly laid back about it or convinced I’m about to need to have ALL my teeth dealt with but there isn’t a lot of consistent or even reassuring information out there (Dr Google is not really your friend, as per usual)

When you have a new baby taking care of yourself usually ends up taking a backseat and I’m ashamed to confess that a daily brush is about all I manage to achieve in the early weeks

Oral B sent me an incredibly wizzy electric toothbrush and special timer to try out to see what I thought

I have to admit that the review got off to a bit of a wobbly start – when we re-did the bathroom when I was pregnant with Littler we didn’t put the electric shaving thingy point back in (I couldn’t see the point… oops) and so we had to search around the house for a plug adaptor so I could charge the toothbrush (it now lives on the landing and I’ve decided to review my dislike of shaver points in bathrooms)

I also found the whiz-bang timer to make sure you clean your teeth properly device more than a little confusing at first – it does have a lovely smiley face (unlike most people in this house first thing in the morning) but you do need to read the instructions without distractions to work out how to set it up and what it is trying to do

It’s actually quite clever – it makes sure you clean all around your mouth and for the right time

The best bit is the pro-expert toothpaste which came with it all – this is no ordinary toothpaste and it actually tastes lovely

I probably would never have bought an electric toothbrush for myself – there’s always so many other things competing for our cash but now having tried one I really like it

If you’re interested in reading more information on gum health or picking up some tips, Oral B have a really useful website you can click onto


This is a sponsored post – Oral B sent me an electric toothbrush and few treats but all opinions are my own


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