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Tonight I am thankful…

Tonight I am thankful and trying to be focused on the positive

I am thankful for our beautiful baby boy – for the miracle of having him here with us, for the love that he has brought into our family and for how lucky we are to be here today with him when a year ago we had reluctantly agreed we could never be here

I am thankful for my husband – for how strong he has been in recent days, for him protecting our family and doing his utmost to make this horrid thing go away and to mitigate the damage that it is causing

I am thankful for our two lovely girls – I’m not so thankful for the perpetual battles over tidy up but people tell me it is better that girls are strong willed because it will be good for them in the future, and they do come from a long line of strong willed women so there wasn’t much chance they’d be a push over… I will have to apologise for getting so upset over tidy up this evening, they are only 4 and 5 and trying very hard to be good

I am incredibly thankful for all of our friends, near and far, who have been so incredibly kind over the last few days – for the offers of help, the introductions passed on and the knowledge that we have a phalanx of people who have our back .  I hope that one day we can pay this forward and repay you all in some way

I am thankful that one day, hopefully soon, this will all be a memory – a memory I will struggle to deal with I suspect for a long time but a memory and hopefully not part of our lives going forward

Touch wood there are many worse things that could be happening to us, we are very lucky in so many ways and hopefully, soon, this will be consigned to history and we can move on

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