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Busy doing nothing much

It’s funny how time flies when you aren’t achieving very much at all – I’m having to remind myself that the first month of a new baby isn’t a time to do anything really and to savour the time spent cuddling and nursing

Littlest is doing well – growing like a weed and already looking like a baby rather than a newborn

He’s lost that lovely newborn smell too

It’s incredible how fast he is changing – he’s only just over 2 weeks old and already he looks different – partly because he is piling on the pounds (15% up on birth weight!) but also as his face shifts and changes

We haven’t managed to get ourselves discharged from midwifery care yet – he came out with a bruised leg and foot, goodness only knows what he was up to inside to do it to himself, and we keep being passed to and from various doctors as each different person suggests it needs a bit of a look at…  I can’t decide if I need to start being really worried or if this is just the result of so many different people seeing us and time will sort it all out

We think we may have another one that isn’t too keen on dairy too…

He doesn’t like being put down so is snuggled up in the sling whilst I type this – plenty of time for him to get used to being on his own in the future and if the only place he’ll sleep is curled up next to me then I just need to embrace it, keep him in the sling and learn how to crochet with my arms out a bit further than usual…!

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