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Things to do whilst babymooning

Bigger & LittlestOne week on and, I think, things are starting to settle down – an enforced week spent more or less entirely in bed has helped, I can now walk further than the bathroom without feeling faint and Littlest and I seem to have started to fall into something a bit like an understanding

We haven’t really done all that much this last week – a few visits from family but otherwise not much happening – the fact I’m starting to want to try and do more has to be sign that we are getting back to normal

We have spent a LOT of time snoozing – we are co-sleeping (information here on how to co-sleep safely and lots of research) and have been since the morning he arrived which I think has helped, at least I wasn’t having to struggle my battered bits out of bed to do the night feeds – and there is nothing quite like waking up to a snuggly little thing curled up to you

It’s been fascinating discovering as he wriggles away what bit of him it was pushing against me when he was inside – yes it was a leg, that might have been an elbow rather than a hand.  He likes having his hands up by his face – we think he probably had at least one arm stuck up by his head for a long time given he came out with a hand on his head…

He likes to be cuddled – we spent a long time together in bed just curled up looking at each other – I think he is beautiful (I do accept I am horribly biased) and can spend hours just looking at him.  I still struggle to process that we have been lucky enough to have him

The girls have been so good with him – the honeymoon period of having a baby brother hasn’t passed yet and they are being so sweet with him.  Admittedly it is sweet and caring overlaid with a degree of heavy handedness but he’s going to have to be robust to fit in so good to start early I guess.  He must have got used to the shrill, shouty voices inside because he seems to be able to sleep through them shrieking (this is a skill I wish I could develop…)

And so we are all getting used to one another, to a new routine – I have more or less survived my first 24 hours in sole charge of 3 (and I got Bigger to school on time!)

Time will tell how it all works out but so far, so good

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