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Things to do whilst babymooning

Things to do whilst babymooning

Bigger & Littlest One week on and, I think, things are starting to settle down – an enforced week spent more or less entirely in bed has helped, I can now walk further than the bathroom without feeling faint and Littlest and I seem to have started to fall into something a bit like an understanding

We haven’t really done all that much this last week – a few visits from family but otherwise not much happening – the fact I’m starting to want to try and do more has to be sign that we are getting back to normal

We have spent a LOT of time snoozing – we are co-sleeping (information here on how to co-sleep safely and lots of research) and have been since the morning he arrived which I think has helped, at least I wasn’t having to struggle my battered bits out of bed to do the night feeds – and there is nothing quite like waking up to a snuggly little thing curled up to you

It’s been fascinating discovering as he wriggles away what bit of him it was pushing against me when he was inside – yes it was a leg, that might have been an elbow rather than a hand.  He likes having his hands up by his face – we think he probably had at least one arm stuck up by his head for a long time given he came out with a hand on his head…

He likes to be cuddled – we spent a long time together in bed just curled up looking at each other – I think he is beautiful (I do accept I am horribly biased) and can spend hours just looking at him.  I still struggle to process that we have been lucky enough to have him

The girls have been so good with him – the honeymoon period of having a baby brother hasn’t passed yet and they are being so sweet with him.  Admittedly it is sweet and caring overlaid with a degree of heavy handedness but he’s going to have to be robust to fit in so good to start early I guess.  He must have got used to the shrill, shouty voices inside because he seems to be able to sleep through them shrieking (this is a skill I wish I could develop…)

And so we are all getting used to one another, to a new routine – I have more or less survived my first 24 hours in sole charge of 3 (and I got Bigger to school on time!)

Time will tell how it all works out but so far, so good

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  1. Children do not understand the term gentle. I am so pleased for you all and this makes me smile.

  2. Good to hear everything is settling in and Littlest is experiencing the true beauty of sibling love :) (I am unbelievably grateful that my 2 get on so well!)

  3. Lovely to read.

    I’m intrigued by the idea that you can tell how the baby was lying inside you, from reactions now. I’d never thought of that, but yes, it makes sense.

  4. Loved reading this. It has that “peaceful, lovely newborn air” about it. Took me back to when my littlest was born. He has two older sisters as well. But he’s three now and we’re well past the cries of a little tiny baby. Enjoy!

  5. Glad to hear all is going so well! I’m seriously impressed with the school run success! Hope the honeymoon continues a while longer. x

  6. Just catching up with your lovely news! Can’t believe you did the school-run already! Enjoy the Baby-Moon. x


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