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Holding on

Soooooooooooooooooooooo no baby yet – he’s still holding on and not arriving

And I have the joyous prospect of being woken tomorrow morning by Bigger asking if her baby brother has arrived overnight – again

At least people have moved on from asking me if I’ve had the baby yet and are now asking my mother – nothing like sharing the pain a bit!

Saw the midwife today – good news is that Baby3 is happy inside, he is still engaged, still in the right place, still perfectly lined up and still not coming…

The other good news is that when she insisted on booking in induction, something that I was hoping we could avoid at this stage, the only date they gave us was early next week – and it made me cry

The sort of snotty, gulping, awful unable to stop crying that seems to be a feature of these last few days

And we have made a break through, I understand that she has to start booking things in because the rules say so and she understands that, if he is happy, I REALLY don’t want to start to interfere with him because he must be staying in for a reason.  She also understands that I still am really keen to have this baby safely at home and supports me

So we continue to hold on

I’m now having to cancel stuff that was arranged for when we thought it would be well after someone had arrived, term starts the middle of next week, days are tick tick-ing away from my maternity leave and life still feels horribly stuck in limbo

I want to get 2014 underway and to move on but apparently this is outside my control

And so we wait and hold on

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