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Things I will miss about being pregnant

IMG_8136Chin up, positive mental attitude, take the time to enjoy being pregnant – all good advice that I’m trying to take

And I should write this down whilst I am pregnant, goodness only knows the hormones mess with your mind and I’d forgotten so much about actually being pregnant from before

This pregnancy has been so different from the others – heck I’ve even come perilously close to blooming at stages (admittedly not the week we spent in Wales where I spent almost the entire week in toilets throwing up).  My skin looks great, my hair is thick (and possibly less grey than before?) and now I’m not working I don’t feel absolutely shattered

I love this bump – it’s more compact than the girls ever were, more comfortable in some ways and I will miss it.  I do still do a double take from time to time when I see myself with a bump in the mirror – bit of a big reminder that I am actually pregnant, still part of me that cannot believe that this is really happening and that we could have another baby soon.  I love that this last phase of pregnancy has been mostly worry free – we have been blessed with not having to fret about hospitals, outcomes and have been able to carry on.  I’ve been able to work up to when I needed to and the timing around Christmas has actually worked out rather well really

I love how strong his kicks are – this time around the placenta is at the back so I can feel his little feet clearly (even Bigger has now had a good grope of foot, he may be holding off coming out to avoid being poked by his sisters based on their interactions to date).  After Littler not really moving all that much because of everything to have him moving and kicking strongly has been incredible and incredibly reassuring.  There is no feeling like having a baby wriggle and squirm inside (he’s just started up again – must know I’m talking about him) – it is both wonderful because it is your body and strange because it has absolutely nothing to do with you, you can’t control it, change it and you definitely can’t stop them doing that awful thing where they wriggle their hands right down by your pelvis and it feels horrid

I’ve been staggered by how the girls have taken to me being pregnant, to the idea of a baby brother – I’d worried that it wasn’t right to throw a baby into the mix but they seem excited by the idea – they like cuddling up to the bump, kissing it, talking to him – yes the dynamic will change but I can see it might be a good thing for us all in a whole bunch of different ways

It is, in some ways, perfect that he didn’t arrive before Christmas – we’ve had time together when I haven’t been distracted with work, the house is tidy, we have all had time to unwind and relax.  And with two determined sisters it probably isn’t a bad thing that he knows his own mind either… it’s not as if he isn’t joining a family of very outspoken, determined women and if he can hold his own that is a good thing…

For the record, here I am at 40 weeks


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1 comment to Things I will miss about being pregnant

  • Tim

    Glad to hear you’re being positive and hope all goes well for you. It will be interesting to see how you find having a boy after the girls – we were the opposite (boy-boy-girl) and it’s been a revelation to both my wife and I how different our daughter has been to her two brothers.

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