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Tips to get a 3rd labour to actually settle down?

So it appears that the nice, bidable child I sort of  hoped baby3 might turn into isn’t turning into anything like – presumably this also means he won’t sleep… super

This morning means I am more pregnant than I have ever been (assuming that the dates were right, I think there may be a couple of extra days but that’s what happens when after about 7 years of charting every blasted fertility sign you stop because you aren’t going to have a baby…)

I’ve upset my mother by suggesting that the regular as clockwork calls at 8.30 to ‘just check in darling’ might be starting to make me feel nuts, people I really don’t know terribly well have started sending me messages to ask if ‘master muddling’ has arrived yet and a friend who isn’t even due until JANUARY has had her baby…

The last few days I have been so convinced that something was kicking off but it doesn’t come to anything – I can be really quite uncomfortable for a while, even take paracetamol and then it all tails off.  Mr M is getting heartily sick of being woken up by me pacing around the house in the wee small hours

Frustrating is not the word

How on earth do I get things to settle down into something that ends up with a baby?

Yes I’m scared of the fact it is going to hurt but surely that isn’t stopping things kicking off?

Yes I’m worried about the midwife but I think Mr M and I have got a decent plan in place?

Do I need to send the girls away for the night?  Or the day?  Long walks haven’t helped so would going out somewhere be a good idea?

Answers on a postcard please – before I start crying over the lasagne again

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14 comments to Tips to get a 3rd labour to actually settle down?

  • Well my girls arrived at a leisurely 42w1day and 41w4days respectively so I can certainly sympathise! Of all the old wives tales the only thing that did anything was acupuncture although the glass of champagne was delicious on both occasions and so much nicer than raspberry leaf tea!

    Oh and I have a great website that your Mum might find useful: http://www.haveyouhadthatbabyyet.com – good luck and I hope things get started for real soon!

    • Hannah Brewer

      I LOVE that website – brilliant!

      Considering acupuncture but part of me doesn’t want to meddle, and yet a big part of me would quite like him here now please

  • Oh, you poor thing. I was in the exact same place as you 3 years ago.
    I tried sending kids away, I tried all the usual rubbish (pineapple, nooky, curry)not one thing worked. I had two false labours that amounted to nothing more than a lost nights sleep for everyone.

    If I could give advice to myself back then I would say “chill out, this is the last time you will be pregnant most likely. Enjoy the last few days and hours of having a life inside your belly” Of course my then self would have sworn like a sailor and started crying about pate so I obviously wouldn’t say that to you!

    In the end my worst fear happened and I had to be induced at 15 days (yes I stubbornly held out for a natural start – no idea why now) and it was absolutely fine. Bit damn quick and shocking but fine.

    Be kind to your mum, she is worried about her daughter as well as nervous for a grandchild.

    • Hannah Brewer

      As always you speak sense, time to start planning nice things to do as a family of 4, to focus on enjoying this as much as I can and to accept that I am going to cry over everything not working out the way I wanted it dammit!

  • Little M was born at 41 weeks but I was convinced she’d arrive early as Big M appeared at 39 weeks. I tried EVERYTHING. Eventually at 39+5 I went shopping with my mum & pretended (as much as the bump and the waddle would allow) that I wasn’t pregnant. Next morning, BAM, labour started. It temporarily stopped again when Big M got home from nursery but once she was in bed that was that. Maybe if you sense things are happening send the bigger kids to stay with friends or family so you can relax & just go with whatever you need to do.
    Ultimately, the baby will come out though, and you’ll have that amazing “I made that” glow x

  • Cant help much on this one as had the opposite problem. Dare I say, thats boys for you! *waits to get shot down in flames…* 😉 Chin up it will all happen soon enough xxx

    • Hannah Brewer

      Funnily enough you aren’t the first to suggest that it might be a boy thing (not that he appears to be taking after his father or anything….!)

  • Asha

    It’s like reading about myself nine months ago with the
    exception of expecting my first child. All I can say, it all will
    be a distant memory soon… x

  • As a 42+1 and 41+5 week mama, I know the feeling. What worked 2nd time was to do an outdoor 2 day course in the woods without a seat, by the end of day 1 I felt weak to the bone from standing/crouching and I never made day 2… (darn, I’d paid for both days too!) They all come out as you know so chilling and watching funny stuff on TV would be my recommendation. And you’re totally allowed to cry over lasagne. You wouldn’t want to know what I cry about and I’m not even pregnant.

    • Hannah Brewer

      I am in awe of that amount of exertion – walks haven’t helped here so far but perhaps we need to go further afield?

      And we have panto to look forward to, have read that laughing can help…

  • He’ll come when he’s ready..

    Hate me? 😉

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