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Not even fully cooked yet…

Ok I know Littler came a bit early but honestly this baby isn’t even due yet…

Due date is tomorrow – Bigger arrived on her due date

There was a time when we seriously considered telling people that the baby wasn’t due until early January – easier to manage expectations down

Trouble was that our totally unplanned, surprise, little miracle IS due tomorrow – bang in the middle of Christmas period

AND if he had decided to come a bit early it would have been a teeny bit inconvenient to have been staying with various family members or stuck in the traditional traffic jams on the motorway on Boxing Day

So we were honest about when the scan suggested he might arrive and tried to flag that really he could turn up at any time in a month around then so, you know, don’t get too excited too soon because it could be January rather than December but that we would rather play it safe and stay home this year just in case something did kick off

If I am honest there was a big part of me that was really hoping he might turn up a bit early but it appears he is totally unaffected by what I’d like to happen and will probably turn up when we least expect it (just like the Spanish Inquisition…)

I am REALLY trying hard not to get upset but the daily check ins to make sure we haven’t had the baby yet are beginning to wear me down – it’s not as if we won’t tell anyone if it does happen, I promise

So here I am, knitting the last little bit of the all-in-one of Doom (hurray!) and wondering if we should start a sweepstake on when he’ll arrive – will I get to go to the panto on New Year’s Eve?  Will he arrive on my Great Aunt’s birthday in January? Who knows?  Least of all me

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