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Stop, start, stop, start, stop…?

Nope nothing happening here – well apart from the first phone calls from family asking if the baby has arrived yet…

Was good and avoiding pointing out that (a) it could be WEEKS or (b) that yes we’d had the baby and just not bothered to tell them…

I’m tired – have had a few disturbed nights when I’d thought something might be starting only for it to come to nothing and I’m getting to the feeling HUGE and uncomfortable stage

The stage where EVERYTHING makes me cry – which doesn’t bode well for all of the emotional Christmas stuff, heck I even welled up whilst reading the last bit of The Night Before Christmas to the girls last night

On the plus side I’m rapidly approaching the point where I would just dearly love this baby to turn up – the Braxton Hicks are uncomfortable even when they don’t turn into anything and whilst there is a certain pleasure in sitting up drinking camomile tea by the Aga in the middle of the night pondering and knitting it would be nice if Baby3 could decide whether to put up or shut up (to use the words of the Takeover Panel… once a banker…)

But it is Christmas Day – our first together, just us, as a family – our first opportunity to make some of our traditions

Stockings have been filled, presents put under the tree and there’s batter in the fridge for pancakes before church – lunch is going to be low key (I can’t face rushing around trying to get a festive lunch on the table for lunchtime) and we’re going to have our meal in the evening.  Reminds me I should probably check out how to cook the Christmas pudding

Happy Christmas – I hope that you have a wonderful, joyful, calm, beautiful day together with you and yours

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1 comment to Stop, start, stop, start, stop…?

  • Claire

    Ooh good luck. Discovered your blog a few months ago and absolutely adore it. I cannot wait to hear your happy news. What a wonderful gift. You may have to go back to work sooner than you wish but my word what a thing to have for the rest of your life-a third helping of noise and mess but fun! X

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